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Who to know when you need a tow

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Impounded Vehicles

 Notice To All Vehicle Owners – Please Read:
 We understand having your vehicle towed is an inconvenience and we want to  make the recovery process of your vehicle as easy as possible. If you have any questions regarding the towing of your vehicle, or if you feel your  vehicle is illegally towed, please let us know and we will immediately investigate  the tow and make sure it meets all local and state statutory rules.  We will do our  best to explain why your vehicle was towed.​ 

Access To & Release of a Motor Vehicle

Only the owner of a Motor Vehicle may have access to or may release the Motor Vehicle. We have a Written Release Policy.  Request a  Motor Vehicle Release Here: Email Release Request

Company Terms and Conditions

Please Review our Terms and Conditions by clicking here: IMPORTANT NOTICE

Insurance Appraisers

 Our facility requires all estimates to be scheduled by appointment only. 

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We are a Cash Only Shop for payment of Towing, Storage, & Repairs

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